David Beckham Turussa

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The arrival of David Beckham to Turku – Finland.

I was walking in downtown Turku, minding my own business and taking some pictures of this and that. I happened to walk past Mehiläinen (this medicalcenter located in Turku) and I noticed there was this big mob of photographers swarming in the front of the building. Then it hit me, David Beckham was coming to Turku for an operation (saw the headlines earlier). So I joined the mob. Few minutes passed and I heard my cellphone ring. Malena called “I’m going to spinning, what you up to?” she announced.. at the same time I noticed 2 cars with darken windows approaching the building. The crowd went peanuts, girls screaming and photographers tackling each others. I quickly yelled to the phone “Hes here, Beckham just arrived!” and threw the phone into my bag (could still hear Malenas voice in the bag screaming “What?!”).

Anyways, got few pretty ok pictures of Becks (sold 2 of em to YLE). Check out the article.

Over and out, Turku.

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