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Hello Malenami readers!

You might have remember me, I am Niki Strbian, a portrait photographer, living and working in Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

In our very first shoot with Malena we created title image and I am so proud it’s Malena’s favourite to this day.

(Background trivia: It was shot in Leppävaara’s pedestrian tunnel under the rail tracks in Leppävaara, Espoo, there is not an uglier place for kilometres around.)

On 1st of October I launched 60 Day Treasure Hunt where you can win one of the 30 free photoshoots + images with me (total value 18 500€).

I hide letters containing treasure (gift card for the shoot and images) every other day during a 60 days period somewhere in Finland. Mostly in Helsinki Metropolitan Area, but not all! I post a photo containing hint where to find the envelope at 11am on every day the treasure goes live.

What you need to do to win a treasure:
1. join my Wolf Pack (wolves are great hunters!)
2. receive a notification of the treasure every other day at 11am (next one goes live tomorrow at 11am)
3. find the treasure, tag it in social media, donate a little money to charity and send me an email

Hop over to my website if you want to read the whole story or join the Wolf Pack right away.

hugses, Niki


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